Hillier, the UK’s largest grower of semi-mature trees in the UK,  has spent the last five years researching and curating a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive tree guide. Through the decades, Hillier has become renowned among landscaping professionals for its routinely updated informative tree guides.  The newest edition is the first complete rewrite in many years, and the first Hillier book to illustrate the development of a tree over 50 years.

Drawing on feedback from customers who were struggling to find any complete guide depicting the changing shape and characteristics of trees over many years, Hillier took on the impressive undertaking to track over 200 trees through their lifespan and produce the comprehensive guide, complete with 165 pages of informative descriptions, beautiful illustrations, and multiple colourful images for each tree.

For architects, garden designers, and other landscape professionals, it is vital to have a clear vision of how the garden and plants will adapt and grow over the years, to ensure the choice of tree remains suitable over time. Within the recently updated Hillier Tree Guide, each tree has its own set of helpful illustrative silhouettes which show its progression over 15, 25, and 50 years.

Within the book, guidance is also outlined as to the height and width over the same time frame, with a guide to the size of the mature tree, as well as a suggested ultimate size. Each species is accompanied by useful information on suggested usage, and how they may be best used in landscape projects, such as in streets, grounds, or for providing sustainable urban drainage.

Caroline Swann, Business Development Manager at Hillier, said: “We are delighted to be launching our new Hillier Tree Guide, which is packed full of useful information to assist our customers in planning and working with trees in the best way possible.”

“I’m now visiting customers, delivering copies as well as delivering a series of CPDs. If you would like a copy of the book, or you would like to discuss a CPD presentation, then please do contact me.” (carolineswann@hillier.co.uk)

Previously in the form of an A5 ring-bound book, this year the Hillier Tree Guide is a stunning A4 coffee table-style book, that is set to inspire as well as inform. Colourful images outline notable expected changes of the trees, as well as defining characteristics, such as leaves, bark, flowers, and habits.

The guide also includes inspirational chapters covering topics such as shaped trees, feature trees, and elm trees. Advice on sustainable, long-term planning is also explored, such as information on drought-resistant plants in response to rising temperatures and scorching summers, bee-friendly trees, and biodiversity with mixed avenues.

Russell Horsey , Director of Woodland Dwelling who sponsored the Tree Guide, said: “We have been planting Hillier trees for over 20 years across the country, so were really excited to be asked to partner with them on this updated edition of the Hillier Tree Guide. It’s always been a great resource full of information for our team, and great photos for our clients. We look forward to using it going forward to inform our tree planting.”

Marketing Manager of GreenBlue Urban and Hillier Tree Guide’s second sponsor, Louise Page commented: “GreenBlue Urban are always happy to collaborate and support industry colleagues and friends, and in this case one of the leading commercial nurseries in the UK.”

“We are sure many specifiers and contractors will benefit greatly in using the guide and we look forward to supporting all with their urban tree planting needs.”

Copies of the new Hillier Tree Guide have recently started to be distributed to landscape professionals and Hillier customers. Any trade professionals who would like a free copy delivered should contact trees@hillier.co.uk.

Hillier would like to thank partners and sponsors of the Tree Guide, Green Blue Urban and Russell Horsey for their support in the project.