Broadmead Nursery, Romsey

Quercus robur fastigiata Koster feathered trees growing in rows in containers

Broadmead Nursery, Romsey

For the past few decades, Hillier Trees has pioneered the containerisation of trees. We have encouraged new developments in container technology, embracing the very best advancements.

Hillier were one of the very first nurseries to grow in a 100% peat free growing material, and we have been peat free for over 15 years. We are continually trialling new mixes to help improve the quality and health of our trees as well as the environmental credentials of our bespoke peat free mix. The small percentage of coir used in our mix is now from recycled coir. The improvement process is a continuous one.

There are on average 50,000 container trees readily available to supply each year. Over 90% of our container trees have been grown in our own fields and carefully containerised, ensuring consistent high quality, the very highest biosecurity standards are met and we can offer a truly British grown container tree range.

There will always be a small number of species which do not grow at commercial rates in our Hampshire climate, but are required by our customers and these are contract grown for us to our specifications and by partner nurseries who uphold the highest biosecurity standards and quality standards.

Our container trees provide the highest opportunity for successful establishment in their ultimate destination.

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Our British-grown container trees start off growing in our fields at Andlers Ash and Hill Farm which cover over 700 acres of land. All of these trees are transplanted multiple times by Hillier experts throughout their production. This continuous transplanting ensures the tree develops a full, fibrous root system and well-developed canopy.

All trees to be containerised are hand-selected by our lead nursery manager, who assesses their readiness. The trees are lifted as bare root or root ball from our fields, then carefully transported to our Broadmead Container Nursery and potted into the right container to allow the tree to root through for a minimum of one growing season. The potting material used in this process is 100% peat free.

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