Peat Free Potting

Peat is a natural resource traditionally harvested from peat bogs, which are unique and delicate ecosystems that take thousands of years to form. The extraction of peat for gardening purposes has raised concerns about the environmental impact, as it contributes to the destruction of these valuable habitats and releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

When replacing peat, we must be careful to ensure that a sustainable alternative is used, and not a product that is further damaging to the environment. There are several substitutes, including sustainably sourced bark, wood fibre, and coir.

With the help of Melcourt Industries Ltd, our container trees have been 100% peat-free for a number of years. We use a mixture of bark, sylva fibre and 10-15% composted green waste. To mulch, we use conifer bark

Not only is peat-free better for the environment, but it’s better for our trees. We’ve found that its much lighter than soil, making transporting the trees a lot easier. There is no shrinkage when the material dries out and it is more easily re-wettable. It’s also incredibly free draining which means our trees are getting the right amount of moisture, oxygen, and nutrients needed to thrive. This material is completely sustainable as the bark and sylva is a waste product from the forestry industry.

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