Welcome to the seventh edition of The Hillier Tree Guide. Since it was first introduced our Tree Guide (previously known as The Hillier Designer’s Guide) has proved popular and useful for all those specifying trees for projects, from landscape contractors and designers to local authorities and garden designers.

For architects, garden designers, and other landscape professionals, it is vital to have a clear vision of how the garden and plants will adapt and grow over the years to ensure the choice of tree remains suitable over time. Within the Hillier Tree Guide and also on this website, you’ll find each tree has its own set of helpful illustrative silhouettes to show its progression over 15, 25, and 50 years.

Guidance is also outlined as to the height and width over the same time frame, with a guide to the size of the mature tree, as well as a suggested ultimate size. Each species is accompanied by useful information on suggested usage, and how they may be best used in landscape projects, such as in streets, grounds, or for providing sustainable urban drainage.

Read online, download to your own device, or get in touch to request a hard copy.

Hillier would like to thank partners and sponsors of the Tree Guide, Green Blue Urban and Russell Horsey for their support in the project.

We have been planting Hillier trees for over 20 years across the country, so were really excited to be asked to partner with them on this updated edition of the Hillier Tree Guide. It’s always been a great resource full of information for our team, and great photos for our clients. We look forward to using it going forward to inform our tree planting

Russell Horsey , Director of Woodland Dwelling

GreenBlue Urban are always happy to collaborate and support industry colleagues and friends, and in this case one of the leading commercial nurseries in the UK

Louise Page, Marketing Manager of GreenBlue Urban

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