In a world where environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly vital, adopting sustainable practises is not just a passing trend, but a responsibility.

As an industry, we must prioritise measures that foster biodiversity and safeguard our trees. A step Hillier’s have taken in this direction is achieving the Plant Healthy Certification. Initially, awarded to our field grown nursery in 2020, we have since extended the certification to include our container grown tree nursery.

Becoming Plant Healthy certified is more than just a badge; it signifies a resolute commitment to preserving our landscapes. The program establishes benchmarks for businesses that prioritise biosecurity preservation, a commitment that Hillier holds in high regard. We are acutely aware of the potential impact our trade can have on trees, our landscapes, and ecosystems, and we are dedicated to their protection.

An integral aspect of the certification is the advocacy for strict biosecurity measures. Imported trees may harbour pests and diseases that pose a threat to native tree populations and risk widespread ecological harm. Dutch Elm Disease and Ash Dieback stand as stark reminders of this.

In alignment with Plant Healthy protocols, we have an established Plant Healthy team tasked with ensuring adherence to our biosecurity standards. We do not import any high-risk Xyella genus and will not import any genus from designated outbreak areas in accordance with HTA guidance. Additionally, our nursery staff undergo training to identify and mitigate the spread of pests and diseases such as the recently imported OPM. More recently, we have expanded training to our Sales team.

Alongside Plant Healthy, our field tree production proudly maintains accreditation from the Woodland Trust UK & Ireland Sown & Grown. Both contribute to our Environmental Management ISO 14001 accreditation which sits at the heart of our production best practice.