Hossein Arshadi planting the first tree at the new Hillier Trees nursery site at Hill Farm in Hampshire

Work has now begun to plant the first trees at Hill Farm, our new 100-acre area of land in the Meon Valley, Hampshire. This land is being used to grow young trees, before lifting and transplanting them to our container and field tree nurseries, also in Hampshire.

The very first tree was planted by Amenity Director, Hossein Arshadi. Fittingly, it was a Tilia cordata ‘Streetwise’, a tree clone selected by Hossein over 35 years ago!

Following the inaugural planting, the production team from our field tree nursery at Andlers Ash, near Liss, have been working around the clock to make the most of the perfect planting conditions. Within the space of a few weeks, over 30,000 tree whips should have been planted at the site.

Planting thousands of tree whips, aided by perfect planting conditions

The addition of this land at Hill Farm will allow us to extend involvement throughout the lifecycle of our trees. Trees at Hill Farm have been planted as ‘whips’ and will be grown on for two years before being lifted and transplanted. The majority will be potted into 45-litre containers at our container tree nursery and a small number will be transplanted into our main field tree nursery to grow on as semi-mature trees.

“We are delighted to have started planting at Hill Farm and to have made such fantastic progress, thanks to the hard work of the production team combined with the ideal planting conditions,” comments Adam Dunnett, Amenity Sales Director. ‘’The demand for British grown trees has probably never been stronger and is only likely to increase with the challenges facing European growers around biosecurity and Brexit. Our new Hill Farm site will help safeguard the long-term stability of our production and ensure we have the range of high quality, UK grown trees that our customers are seeking.’’

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