Holly Bush Farm Estate

Holly Bush Farm Estate


Renovation of Holly Bush Farm Estate in Staffordshire


Midland Contractors


Semi-mature trees including 50 Pinus sylvestris, Betula nigra and Ulmus ‘New Horizon’ plus 40 fully formed Taxus baccata hedges

Hillier Project Manager:

Jamie Gormley

Plant Production:

Andlers Ash Field Grown Nursery and Broadmead Container Nursery

Characterful pines at the new swan lake at the Holly Bush Farm Estate Characterful pines at the new swan lake at the Holly Bush Farm Estate

The Brief

Hillier Trees undertook a project to provide several semi-mature trees and mature hedging plants for Holly Bush Farm in Staffordshire.

The Landscape Contractor for the project, Midland Contractors, reached out to Hillier, responsible for both hard and soft landscaping. The entire design for the extensive estate required attention to detail, ensuring the highest standards. In addition to quality considerations, a crucial specification of the project was that the final outcome should exude a timeless appearance, as if it had been an integral part of the landscape for many years.

Creating Instant Impact with Trees

Large quantities of semi-mature trees were delivered through a series of shipments, all of which were cultivated in the UK by Hillier Trees. This included over 50 semi-mature native pine trees intended for extensive evergreen boarders around the properties.

Among the planted trees were Betula nigra multi-stem specimens, chosen for their capacity to thrive near water and their visually striking peeling bark. For a complementary contrast to the greenery of the pines, a Hillier cultivar, Betula utilis ‘Jermyn’s’ was recommended. This particular tree features remarkable pure-white bark that illuminates beautifully in the moonlight, creating a stunning reflection in the night-time waters of a lake.

The robust quality of the trees root systems was crucial to ensure successful establishment. Each tree had undergone four transplantations during its growth, resulting in fully fibrous root systems that minimised the risk of failure.

Characterful pines at the new swan lake at the Holly Bush Farm Estate

Privacy Through Mature Hedging

Whilst collaborating with Midland Contractors, Hillier Trees drew attention to our collection of instantly mature hedging options suitable for the private gardens. A delivery of 40 fully developed 3.5m yew hedges, nurtured in Air Pots for 18 months, was provided and strategically planted to encircle the pre-existing stately home and its garden.

Key Trees

Betula nigra

Betula nigra thrives exceptionally well in the challenging environments of urban settings and serves as a …

Betula utilis ‘Jermyns’

A widely favoured and robust ornamental birch known for its airy canopy and shimmering white bark. …

Ulmus ‘New Horizon’

Ulmus New Horizon is a medium to large tree that shows complete resistance to Dutch Elm …

Pinus sylvestris

The only native Pine species to Britain, and proudly recognised as Scotland’s national tree, the Scots …

Crataegus media ‘Paul’s Scarlet’

From the renowned Paul brothers who eventually pursued separate ventures establishing rival nurseries, both gained acclaim …

Taxus baccata

Taxus baccata, commonly known as the Common yew or English yew, is a distinctive evergreen conifer …

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Alex Veitch of Midland Contractors comments;

“Hillier Trees provided tree recommendations which would not only be visually rewarding for the client, but establish well within the site conditions. The semi-mature trees and instant hedging were all of the highest quality and delivered punctually.”