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Wet Soil: Medium

Dry Soil: High

Lime: Medium

Renowned for its dramatic ornamental features, there are many keen admirers of the ‘Crimson King‘ and the purple foliage it offers the landscape, although many planners and designers are not yet aware of the fantastic ‘Crimson Sentry’.

This cultivar is very similar to the Crimson King, but has a noticeably narrower canopy, which is columnar in shape with upright ascending branches. This creates further planting options making its use available in locations with less feasible space, allowing its use of colour in garden designs, suburban street planting and as a feature tree within tighter locations. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a tighter form of the ‘Crimson King’ though. Its dense canopy provides ample shade and the tree maintains a neat and tidy appearance, and it creates its own appeal with its unique leaf colour and shape, standing proudly tall like a royal soldier to show it. Its purple leaves emerge a fresh raspberry red in the spring, which darkens to a deep raspberry jam, then light crimson for the summer months. The leaves are smaller than the ‘Crimson King’, with softer edges and lobes.

In spring, inconspicuous yellow flowers appear, adding a subtle charm to the tree. These give way to small winged seeds that add to the overall aesthetic appeal. As the seasons progress, Crimson Sentry continues to captivate with its consistent vivid foliage, making it a standout choice for year-round visual interest.

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8m high x 3m wide after 25 years


Its tolerance to urban pollution and more compact size compared to Acer plat. 'Crimson King', make it an ideal choice for narrow urban settings like streets.


The tree boasts a columnar canopy with upright branches. Crown is dense.


Smaller leaves than the Acer platanoides 'Crimson King', with a softer, gentler colour in summer.


Clusters of lemon green shaded flowers with five delicate petals emerge on the bare branches in early spring.


Inconspicuous, brown fruits.


Resilient to urban pollution and performs well in dense, compacted soils like chalk. While adaptable, it doesn't thrive in waterlogged or peaty areas, and prefers well-drained conditions.


Flowers are a valuable source of pollen and nectar for bees.

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