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Wet Soil: Medium

Dry Soil: High

Lime: Medium

This large Canadian variety thrives particularly well in urban settings, especially when surrounded by tall, sheer surface infrastructure. It’s resilient against reflected heat, demonstrates drought tolerance and has impressive pollution resistance. This makes it a standout choice for urban projects.

Like other Norway Maples, it showcases lemon-yellow blossoms as spring begins, offering a stark contrast to the vibrant red hue of its emerging leaves. Within a few weeks, these leaves transition to a rich green. What sets this tree apart is its continual renewal of vivid red growth throughout the summer. Consequently, the trees canopy transforms with alternating bursts of red and green foliage, refreshing its appearance multiple times over the season. This dynamic display evolves approximately 3-4 times throughout the summer, ensuring a captivating visual appearance.

Come autumn, the trees foliage erupts in a dazzling array reminiscent of a meticulously orchestrated fireworks display, featuring intense reds, oranges and bright yellows.

Undoubtedly, this tree stands out as a captivating centrepiece, offering a myriad of possibilities for landscape designs.


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13m high x 7m wide after 25 years


Due to its capacity to reflect heat and tolerate urban pollution, this tree thrives when planted along streets or within car parks.


In its youth, the crown displays a pyramidal shape. As it matures, it becomes more oval shaped.


Each leaf typically has around 5 lobes. A distinctive trait is the initial emergence of red foliage amidst the green leaves. This results in a canopy that undergoes a dynamic change 3-4 times throughout the season.


Clusters of lemon green shaded flowers with five delicate petals emerge on the bare branches in early spring.


A highly resilient tree that withstands urban pollution, drought, and reflective heat. However, it prefers a richer, well-drained soil compared to the Norway Maple.


A valuable source of pollen and nectar for bees.

Available As:

Semi-Mature, Super Semi-Mature

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