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Wet Soil: High

Dry Soil: Medium

Lime: High

Aesculus x carnea ‘Briotii’ is a stunning deciduous tree renowned for its remarkable ornamental features. Also known as Red Horse Chestnut, this cultivar is a hybrid cross between Aesculus pavia and Aesculus hippocastanum. It’s more compact and slower growing than Aesculus x carnea, and is named after famous horticulturalist, Victor Briot.

One of the most striking features of the ‘Briotii’ is its vibrant and abundant blossoms that appear when the tree is 8-10 years old. In late spring to early summer, dense clusters of showy, blood red flowers emerge in panicles. These can reach up to 8-12 inches in length and are a magnet for pollinators such as bees and butterflies. Foliage of the Briotii is also noteworthy. Its large leaves consist of five to seven glossy dark green leaflets and provide an attractive backdrop for its vibrant flowers.  Leaves turn a pleasant yellow, orange and brown in autumn enhancing the seasonal interest of the tree. ‘Briotii’ will rarely produce fruits, but when it does, the flowers will give way to spiky capsules. These are not to be consumed by humans but are enjoyed by wildlife and add an interesting texture to the tree.

This cultivar thrives in full sun to partial shade, preferring moist, well drained soils. It has good tolerance to industrial pollution and urban conditions and is relatively low maintenance once established. With its stunning floral display, beautiful foliage and overall hardiness, Aesculus x carnea ‘Briotii’ is a fantastic choice for parks and larger landscapes.


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8m high x 5m wide after 25 years


Will do well in parks, medium urban areas and larger landscapes.


Rounded to broad pyramidal crown. Very dense.


Large, glossy dark green with 5-7 leaflets. In autumn these turn yellow, orange and brown.


Blood red panicles reaching 8-10 inches in size.


Will rarely produce fruit but when it does, flowers give way to spiky capsules containing two or three small nuts.


Fully hardy and has some drought tolerance. Very tolerant of industrial pollution such as smoke. Will do well in most soils, including sandy, loamy and chalk. Likes full sun or partial shade.

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