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Wet Soil: Medium

Dry Soil: High

Lime: Medium

Betula szechuanica, commonly known as the Szechuan birch, is a deciduous tree originating from Western China. It was introduced by Ernest Wilson in 1908 and is a vigorous birch which maintains its conical, pyramidal canopy into maturity.

The bark of the Szechuan birch is a distinctive feature. It displays a unique combination of textures and colours. The upper part of the trunk and its branches exhibit smooth, copper colours bark, which will gradually peel and reveal patches of creamy white to pinkish-brown.

Leaves are alternate, simple and ovate in shape. They have denate margins and are a glossy green blue. These transform into a golden-yellow in autumn. In early spring, the szechuanica will produce pendant catkins that dangle from the branches and add a delicate charm to the tree. These are male and female and become small winged nutlets that are dispersed by the wind.

Due to its attractive bark and adaptability, Betula szechuanica is often used as a focal point in large gardens, parks and urban landscapes. It also makes a fantastic car park tree.

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8m high x 4m wide after 25 years


Often used as an eye-catching specimen tree in large gardens, parks and urban landscapes. Ideal for a carpark.


Elegant and graceful appearance, with a rounded crown.


Ovate leaves with denate margins. Glossy blue green in colour and golden yellow in autumn.


Smooth, copper colours which will gradually peel and reveal patches of creamy white to pinkish-brown.


Yellow-green male catkins or green female catkins. Become small wind pollinated winged nutlets.


Adaptable to various soil types, including well drained soils and moderate moisture levels. Prefers full sun to partial shade. Frost resistant.

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