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Wet Soil: High

Dry Soil: High

Lime: Medium

Originally discovered by Albert Beeckman whilst working in his nursery in 1985; The perfectly straight trunk and perpendicular growth instantly stood out. As he gave a closer inspection, Beeckman noticed the leaves had a unique double serration to their margin.

Like the species, its tolerant to many of the issues that different tree planting locations can unearth. For example, it will establish in nearly all soil types and is tolerant of water logging and dry spells. Its ideal for planting in a street or a pedestrian path due to its precise arrow like growth and hardiness.

In spring, male catkins appear alongside vibrant, lime green leaves. These are deeply veined and show characteristic crinkles. During autumn, the canopy becomes a golden yellow with hues of butterscotch. As winter develops, leaves become the classic nutrient enriched treacle-coloured leaves which hang crisply on the branches. Its coppery leaves will cling on to the branches throughout the winter, and make a good soil improver once rotted.

This cultivar does not produce seed – it is only available through grafting which is done at our nurseries.

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10m high x 4m wide after 25 years


Root growth is close to surface making this tree suitable for streets, avenues and carparks. Will do well in sun, shade and partial shade.


Columnar growth with a straight main stem. Crown is narrow at first but will broaden with age.


Ovate, bright green, double serrate margin.


Male green catkins in spring.


Exceptionally resilient to challenging planting conditions, this tree stands strong against frost and wind. It thrives in various soil types including both chalk and clay. Can adapt equally well to moist or dry soil environments. A robust shade-loving tree that flourishes across diverse soil structures.

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