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Wet Soil: High

Dry Soil: High

Lime: Medium

The ‘Fastigiata’ variety of Hornbeam boasts a more erect and upright structure compared to the species. Its trunk is defined by a dominant central leader and features a greenish-grey bark that is notably smooth. While young specimens exhibit a pyramidal shape, this broadens as the tree matures.

Come spring, the tree unfurls vibrant lime-green leaves with pronounced veining and distinct crinkles. These leaves, ovoid to oblong-elliptical in form, possess a shiner appearance compared to the standard species. Concurrently, elongated yellow male catkins emerge for wind pollination. As autumn approaches, the foliage transitions to a captivating golden yellow, tinged with butterscotch shades. This transition gives way to the production of small winged nut fruits. By winter, the leaves adopt a treacle coloured hue and cling to the branches throughout the season.

Carpinus betulus ‘Fastigiata’ stands out as an excellent choice for constrained roadside spots and central reservations. It emerges as the premier option for summer topiary endeavours. Its slender, upright stature and pronounced central leader facilitate effortless shaping and pruning without jeopardising the main branches. Adaptable to various ornamental designs, this variety enjoys a prune, making it amenable to a range of designer visions. Additionally, its hedge-forming capability ensures it offers essential shelter and habitat for local wildlife.

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9m high x 3m wide after 25 years


ideal for roadsides and central reservations.


Upright form which has a closed crown with a tighter width. Its trunk is always straight making it suitable for smaller locations. At middle age it lets go a little and becomes content with being a bit wider. Like its parent, its easily maintained and accepts pruning well.


Ovoid to oblong-elliptical leaves in a vibrant green shade. As autumn approaches, these transition to a golden-yellow hue with hints of butterscotch. By winter, the foliage takes on a treacle coloured appearance. Leaves are prominently veined and feature distinct crinkles. istic crinkles.


In spring, long yellow male wind pollinated catkins will appear. These turn to small winged fruit nuts in autumn.


A hardy tree that thrives in shaded environments and can flourish in various soil types, including chalk and clay. Exhibits resilience even in unfavourable planting conditions, and can adapt well to different planting regimes.


When grown as a hedge, it offers essential shelter and habitat for local wildlife.

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