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Wet Soil: High

Dry Soil: High

Lime: Medium

An individual narrow and slender Carpinus was originally spotted by Louis Houtmeyers Boomkwekerijen on his nursery during the winter of 1990. He noticed that this solitary tree was in competition with the adjacent Fagus, retaining its crisp cocoa-coloured leaves well into February. Boomkwekerijen cultivated this tree and named it after his son, Lucas.

Similar to the Frans Fontaine, this far superior cultivar has a tighter form than the fastigiate canopy. Its twigs are a little thicker and the leaf is a darker, deeper emerald green. These turn golden yellow in autumn before turning cocoa coloured and remain on the tree throughout winter.

Carpinus betulus ‘Lucas’ is fantastic for narrow streets and tight open spaces, providing a solution for cramped and otherwise inflexible locations. Its precise form also works wonderfully for designers, providing a clean architectural look to projects. Try planting a row of this slender form as a back drop to a multi-stem Betula utilis Jacquemontii. During winter, its slender warming colours of the leaves will contrast and highlight the stark white broken form of the birch.

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9m high x 2.5m wide after 25 years


A hardy shade favouring tree, perfect for avenues and narrow streets.


Densely branched with a compact closed canopy. This cultivar has thicker ascending twigs and is tighter than the fastigiate form.


The leaves display a deep emerald green hue with pronounced veins. Distinctively, unlike other varieties, the autumn foliage remains on the tree throughout winter, rivalling the longevity of Fagus sylvatica leaves.


Green catkins in spring.


It can thrive in a variety of soil types, including chalk and clay. Highly tolerant of poor planting conditions.

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