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Wet Soil: Medium

Dry Soil: Medium

Lime: Low

Originating from Japan, this elegant tree is known as Katsura. However, in England, its fondly referred to as the candy-floss tree, owing to the delightful sweet scent emitted by its fallen leaves.

Its branches consist of lengthy shoots that give rise to an intricate network of slender twigs. During winter, when illuminated from behind, the tree casts an exquisite lacy silhouette. Come spring, its leaves unfurl in hues of coppery bronze and purple, which, though susceptible to late frosts, rebound swiftly to reveal refreshing lime-green shades for the summer. Adorned with charming heart–shaped leaves, the tree transforms in autumn, setting the landscape ablaze with vivid oranges and vibrant pinks. On acidic soils, it exhibits stunning shades of neon purple and rich red.

Come the end of autumn, the falling leaves release a distinctively sweet fragrance. Depending on individual perceptions, this aroma has been likened to a candy-floss, freshly baked biscuits and caramelised sugar.

Ideally positioned along pathways, this tree not only captivates with its beauty, but also delights passers by as their footsteps release its scent. A preferred choice among designers seeking immediate ornamental allure.

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8m high x 4m wide after 25 years


Perfect on pathways where feet can disturb the fallen leaves and their aroma.


Dense crown compact with small thin twigs. It matures into a rounded form with an un-swept graceful character.


Lovely heart-shaped leaves emerge in early spring with hues of copper purple, transitioning to a lime green as summer approaches. By autumn, they become fiery yellows, rich oranges and pink. In acidic soils, the tree showcases shades of neon purples and deep reds. When leaves fall, they emit a delightful fragrance, reminiscent of candy-floss and caramel.


A tree with shallow roots that thrives in most well-drained soils, particularly favouring loamy conditions. It prefers a sheltered location to shield its early spring foliage from frost.

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