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Wet Soil: High

Dry Soil: Medium

Lime: High

Populus tremula, commonly known as Aspen or quaking tree, is a deciduous tree that is Native to North America, Europe, and parts of Asia. The name quaking tree and ‘tremula’ stems from the distinctive characteristics of its leaves, which flutter and tremble, even in the slightest breeze.

The leaves are one of the Aspens most recognisable features. Appearing from slightly sticky buds, they are almost perfectly round, dark green on top and a lighter colour on the underside. In autumn, the tree showcases a breath-taking display of colours when its foliage turns vibrant shades of yellow and occasionally red.

Aspens play a crucial ecological role, providing habitat and food for various wildlife species. Birds, insects, and mammals depend on the tree for nesting, foraging, and cover. Additionally, its roots support a diverse range of plants that contribute to the overall biodiversity.

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12m high x 5m wide after 25 years


Ideal for coastal areas and woodland planting. Will look great in a hedgerow.


Cone shaped, loose and irregular. Will turn oval as the tree matures.


Dark green on top and slightly lighter on the underside. Almost perfectly round with irregular, blunt toothed edges. In autumn, leaves transition to vibrant shades of yellow and occasionally red.


During spring and summer, the tree will produce both male and female catkins. Males are long and yellowish and are wind pollinators. Females are shorter in length.


Does not require any special soil. Hardy and wind tolerant. Will flourish in full sun. Commonly found in moist, well-drained areas.

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