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Wet Soil: Low

Dry Soil: Medium

Lime: Medium

A standard tree variation of the laurel, featuring a clear stem of either 1.8m or 2m. Its dominant trunk gives rise to a dense, bushy canopy that extends outward with pendulous branches. This particular form makes it an excellent choice for effective screening in residential areas and new housing developments.

The evergreen leaves exhibit a deep emerald-black hue, ranking as the largest among all laurel varieties. Measuring 30cm in length and 10cm in width, these glossy, vibrant leaves contribute to the trees overall appearance of robust health. The small white blossoms it produces are modest, yet wonderfully fragrant.

A compact and enduring evergreen tree, perfectly suited for urban environments. Its tolerance for pruning makes it adaptable for plating in narrow city streets, while the rich, dark green tones make it an aesthetically pleasing choice for squares and entrances.

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6m high x 3m wide after 25 years


Ideal as an urban street tree as readily excepts pruning and difficult conditions.


Produced as a standard tree with a 2m clearance. The branches reach outwards rather than up-righted, making it great for screening above fence panels and garden walls.


Large evergreen leaves shaded a dark black green which grow 30cm in length. These are 10cm wide and the largest leaf of all Laurel.


A very hardy tree which will grow on all well drained soils except shallow chalk. It prefers semi shaded sun exposure, making it ideal for screening applications.

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