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Wet Soil: Low

Dry Soil: Medium

Lime: Medium

Prunus maackii ‘Amber Beauty’ is an ornamental cherry distinguished by its remarkable bark, which takes precedence over its blooms. This oval shaped tree boasts a semi-open crown, providing a glimpse of the resplendent bark and mature branches across its canopy. The trunk exhibits a smooth, glossy appearance, radiating warm tones of amber gold intermingled with a subtle cinnamon red swirl. This captivating colouration extends gracefully throughout the mature branches. The bark naturally peels in horizontal strips, revealing lighter, mellower tones beneath. Some avid gardeners opt to enhance the trees lustre by cleaning and applying a touch of nut oil to the bark and branches, resulting in a fantastic display of radiant warmth.

In early spring, the tree unfurls small white blossoms with a delightful fresh fragrance. Simultaneously, serrated leaves emerge in a vibrant fresh green, transitioning to a yellow in autumn. This creates a harmonious complement to the deeper hues of the bark.

A captivating tree that offers year-round visual interest, particularly when featured as a multi-stem specimen. For a striking effect on a grass verge, consider group planting standard trees with a 2m clear stem in close proximity. The straight trunks will form a breath-taking display beneath a canopy that can grow to intertwine, creating a single expansive cover of dappled shade.

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8m high x 4m wide after 25 years


It is ideal for providing warming colour and contrast to garden designs, whilst fitting for public open spaces and green verges.


Starts off as wide oval shaped, gradually becoming teardrop shaped as it matures.


Vibrant green serrated leaves transition to a yellow in autumn.


The trunk and mature branches have wonderful shades of golden amber and saffron. This appears smooth and shiny like a rich succulent marmalade colour. The bark peels off the stem in horizontal strips. It's not uncommon to clean and oil the bark to really show its glory.


White fragrant flowers appear in early April. These are small and their delicate nature works well with the pleasing colour of the mature branches.


Suitable for most soil types that are free draining as does not tolerate water logging.

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