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Wet Soil: Low

Dry Soil: Medium

Lime: Medium

This small ornamental tree is truly striking, featuring blue-green leaves that contribute a luxurious texture to the neat form. The leaflets are sharply toothed, extending almost to the base, and the autumnal transformation is captivating as the foliage transitions to yellow and ultimately to red.

The large clusters of fruit boast a deep, rich golden hue, creating a remarkable spectacle, whether against the backdrop of the still-blue-green leaves or during the transition from yellow to red.

Proven to be exceptionally hardy, this selection serves as a valuable small tree, offering superb seasonal interest. From its blooming period in spring to the vibrant leaf colours in summer and autumn, the attractive fruits and finally the sturdy shoots overed in grey, hairy buds in winter, it consistently captivates throughout the year.

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7m high x 3m wide after 25 years


A strong, fast growing, but small tree. Perfect for narrow streets, urban areas, gardens and housing.


Neat, broadly upright and compact well balanced crown.


Pinnate – a mid-rib with 13-15 leaflets. Deep blue green turning yellow and red in autumn.


White flowers in May and early June.


Large clusters of golden-yellow fruits.


Will grow in most soils, including dry, though will grow best in slightly acidic soils. Tolerant of frost and wind.


Flowers are valuable for bees and other pollinators, and birds are attracted to its berries in the winter months.

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