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Wet Soil: Low

Dry Soil: Medium

Lime: Medium

Thuja plicata ‘Fastigiata’ commonly known as the Upright Western Red Cedar, is a cultivar known for its upright, columnar growth habit. This evergreen conifer belongs to the Cupressaceae family and is known for its narrow form, making it a popular choice in landscaping and garden design.

Foliage is characterised by flat sprays of fragrant scale-like leaves that display a rich green colour throughout the year. The evergreen nature of the tree ensures a constant backdrop of beauty that provides year-round interest and structure to any landscape.

The ‘Fastigiata’ variety stands out for its tall and slender stature, reaching heights of 7m in 15 years. It’s branches ascend in a vertical arrangement, creating a narrow pillar shape and it’s a hardy and adaptable tree, tolerant to a variety of environmental conditions. The shape, along with its hardiness makes it an ideal choice for space-restricted landscapes. It is also well-suited for serving as an effective windbreak or privacy screen in narrower spaces.

Generally more satisfactory than Chamaecyparis lawsoniana.

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12m high x 3m wide after 25 years


Is excellent as a single specimen or as hedging. Great for coastal areas and narrower urban areas.


A narrowly conical or pyramidal. Canopy is dense and branches are horizonal. Compact growth.


Fragrant, dark green needles that are coated in small scales.


Dark brown bark becoming tinged with red as the tree matures.


Inconspicuous and yellow.


Small round, hard, brown fruits.


Hardy and adaptable and will thrive in well-drained soils. Known for its tolerance to a variety of environmental conditions, including frosts and winds.


Smaller birds seek refuge in its dense canopy during both summer and winter months.

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