Planting Trees

How do I plant a root ball, does all the wrapping get removed or left on?

Soil preparation is a really important part of planting a tree, having a good size tree pit (min 3 times the width of the rootball) which has plenty of drainage in the base and the tree is well anchored (using a tree anchor) or staked (for smaller trees).

The rootball must be planted at exactly the same depth it was in the field. The rootball should be planted with the hessian and wire wrap left on (these will breakdown naturally) The rootball must be left intact and protected from the rigours of commercial planting. A watering pipe with a perforated pipe going around the circumference of the rootball should be put in to ensure the tree can be adequately watered.

Particularly in urban planting situations you may wish to consider using tree pit solutions such as GreenBlue Urbans ArborSystem

Do you offer planting services?

We are not able to offer a tree planting service, we leave this to businesses whose speciality this is. Your Account Manager can give you some recommended companies who will operate in the location you wish trees to be planted in.

When is the best time of year to plant a tree?

A tree can be planted and successfully establish 12 months of the year. We grow trees in containers as well as rootball field grown stock. Our rootball stock is available for despatch between November and March, whilst container stock is available 12 months of the year.

We are also able to containerise rootball trees to allow summer / autumn planting if your project requires that flexibility. We know that planting times are often dictated by your clients and site schedules and we work closely with our customers to ensure we can offer options that fit with your planting schedules.

If we were to ask mother nature when she would prefer to plant a tree, I think she would most likely suggest between September and March!

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