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Wet Soil: Medium

Dry Soil: High

Lime: High

Native to Norway, the Norway Maple stands out as a remarkable specimen tree, likely having produced more cultivars than any other species. Its adaptability shines through, making it suitable for planting in both urban settings and expansive parklands.

With its strong, outreaching canopy, and open-spaced branches, this tree effortlessly dominates any setting. It serves as a nice alternative to Platanus hispanica in urban planting, due to its tolerance of pollution and poor, compacted soils. Notably, the Norway Maple boasts a robust, fibrous root system, guaranteeing strong, consistent growth. However, it also needs careful planning to prevent root entanglement. Its rooting system is shallow which ensures it effectively outpaces other vegetation and plants in nutrient absorption.

Distinctively, its buds sport a lovely plum colour, quite different rom the greener buds of the Acer pseudoplatanus. As spring arrives, delicate lemon-green blossoms grace its bare branches, heralding the season. These blossoms give way to generously sized, quintessentially maple-shaped leaves. A unique feature is its leaf stalks, which, when snapped exude a milky, frothy sap, distinguishing it from the similar looking Sycamore. Furthermore, as one of the earliest maples to unfurl its leaves in spring, it retains its golden-yellow autumnal hue longer than many counterparts.



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13m high x 6m wide after 25 years


Its ability to withstand pollution and thrive in poor soil conditions makes it an excellent choice for carpark planting. Additionally, it is well suited for natural or rural planting, as long as the soil is well-drained.


Begins with a columnar form, transitioning to a teardrop shape before evolving into an irregular silhouette as it matures.


Leaves have the classic maple shape with 5 lobes. They start as a lemon-green hue, turning to a radiant golden-yellow by autumn. When leaf stalks ae broken, they release a milky, frothy sap.


Clusters of lemon washed flowers with 5 delicate petals emerge on the bare branches in early spring.


Tolerant of urban pollution and favours poor compacted soils, especially chalk. It will thrive anyway but doesn't fare well in waterlogged or peaty sites so will require good drainage.

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