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Wet Soil: Medium

Dry Soil: High

Lime: Medium

The Kenaica Birch, native to the coldest terrains of Alaska, stands out with its robust and upright growth, thriving in even the most exposed and unprotected environments.

In the chilly winter landscape, the Kenaica Birch offers visual warmth reminiscent of a decadent baked Alaska dessert. Its bark boasts creamy meringue hues that mature into soft whites, gradually transitioning to deeper shades resembling rich mahogany and toffee, especially evident in its younger branches. This makes it an excellent choice for a multi-stem arrangement in minimalist winter settings.

Come summer, its foliage takes on a golden-green hue, casting a captivating dappled shade. This seasonal transformation ensures that the distinctive bark hues of the Kenaica remain a standout feature. Remarkably, the Kenaica Birch has developed a natural resistance to the unsightly orange rust spots, ensuring its beauty remains untarnished.

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12m high x 6m wide after 25 years


A fantastic street tree.


The leaves are ovate shaped with pronounced serrate edges and sparse hairs along the veins. This birch stands out as one of the finest for showcasing autumnal hues.


A captivating blend of warm coffee hues grace the trees younger growth and stems. This transitions to a softer pink or grey white as it matures, culminating in creamy white on the trunk. This will eventually peel in thin sheets.


A perfect choice for cold and exposed sites that experience harsh temperatures. Resistant to the orange infections spots of Rust Attack caused by Melampsoridium botulinum.

Available As:

Semi-Mature, Multi-stem

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