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Wet Soil: Low

Dry Soil: High

Lime: Low

Originating from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, the Glauca stands out as a captivating conifer with its shimmering silver-blue foliage densely arranged in clusters of 30-40 needles. Given its mountainous origins, it thrives in open, sunlit areas with deep, well-drained soil.

In its youth, it adopts a pyramidal shape with branches that gently upturn at their tips. However, as it matures, its natural mountain-inspired growth pattern becomes evident, with branches extending widely, showcasing its grand stature and impressive silhouette.

Come autumn, distinctive upright cones make their appearance. These cones transition from a purple-brown hue in males, which release as seeds, to a rich molten brown in females. Female cones persist on the branches for years, adding to its unique allure.

Given its grandeur, the Glauca is primarily favoured as a tree for expansive parklands. However, with careful root preparation and thoughtful canopy planning, this majestic tree can enhance and beautify various everyday landscapes.

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11m high x 6m wide after 25 years


An extremely large tree used for parks and as an ornamental feature. Fantastic as a solitary specimen on larger public open spaces which allow is growth to fully extend.


A youthful pyramidal shape broadening as it matures with a flat splaying crown. This opens up loosely with its branches stretching out wide.


Arguably one of the most striking blue conifers. Its foliage boasts a mesmerising steel blue hue, characterised by short needles that spiral around its stems.


Purple-brown, upright, male cones that split and release as seeds to a rich molten brown in females. Female cones persist on the branches for years.


Adaptable to various soil types, including drier conditions. This tree thrives best in well-drained soils and may struggle in waterlogged environments. Additionally, it exhibits significant resilience to air pollution.

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