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Wet Soil: Low

Dry Soil: High

Lime: Low

An elegant tree originating from the Himalayas. It exhibits a pyramidal shape in its youth, characterised by a singular central leader that arches at its peak. This feature contributes to a graceful and relaxed demeanour. Its lateral branches further accentuate this charm, with drooping tips that culminate in pendulous ends. As the tree matures, it broadens, adopting a more expansive profile. In its native, warmer regions, it can soar to impressive heights of 80m. However, in the cooler UK climate, it typically reaches a height of about 30m.

The foliage consists of clusters of needles bundled in groups of 30. These are an enchanting slate green hue, occasionally tinged with hints of blue. It’s mature female cones, distinct in appearance, measure approximately 15cm in height.

Esteemed in the UK for its elegant aesthetic, this tree is a favoured choice for parks, high-end business parks and prominent designer gardens.

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11m high x 5m wide after 25 years


Often planted in stately gardens and parkways.


A graceful canopy structure with a distinct central leader that elegantly hangs over at its top. The branches are lateral which droop pendula at their tips.


Clusters of needles bundled in groups of 30. These are a slate green colour and occasionally tinged with hints of blue.


Cones emerge either individually or in pairs. They are red-brown in colour and measure up to 12cm in length.


Thrives in a sunny, well-lit location shielded from strong winds. While it excels in most freely draining soils, it may face challenges in consistently wet areas and environments with elevated pH levels.

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