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Wet Soil: Medium

Dry Soil: High

Lime: Medium

This magnificent tree is a favoured choice among landscape architects, and is appeal is clear. With its dense, uniform canopy of leaves, it offers excellent shade for summer picnics in parks and is well-suited for estates and urban settings, including roadsides and street plantings. Its robust root system allows it to adapt swiftly to both drought and waterlogged conditions, while its strength ensures it won’t disrupt paths or hard surfaces. Notably resistant to pests and diseases, this tree exudes a sense of resilience and vigour. The Turkish Hazel surpasses other Hazel varieties in size, with the UK’s largest towering at 23m in the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens.

In spring, its branches showcase long yellow catkins, while the emerging light green leaves bear a resemblance to those of the Tilia. Serving as a commendable alternative to certain Lime trees, the Corylus’ non-suckering roots add to its appeal. As autumn approaches, the foliage transitions to a splendid golden hue, heralding the emergence of delectable Turkish nuts. These are favoured by both humans and wildlife for their hazelnut like taste.

The trees trunk is a captivating blend of corky plates and ridges, seamlessly transitioning into the canopy’s new growth, accentuating its symmetrical crown. As it matures, the trunk gains a more distinguished and regal appearance, making it an ideal spot to pause and relax in its shade.

Turkish hazelnut lends itself to a variety of uses, from creating captivating avenues to revitalising urban landscapes with its beauty and presence.

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9m high x 3m wide after 25 years


Very fitting for large avenues, road side locations and street tree planting.


A strong pyramidal canopy which is dense and tight broadening with age. Its branches are slim compared to its trunk which ascend at almost a 90-degree angle. This delivers a precise symmetrical form which is a favourite for landscape architects.


Wide, oval and dark green.


One of its most unique features, the trunk has deeply cracked, rigid bark that is corky from a youthful age. The corrugations and soft cork extend up the slim branches, with the trunk becoming more distinct as it matures.


A robust tree with deep roots that thrive in various soil types, including chalk and clay. Once it takes root, it shows moderate resistance to waterlogging and can withstand periods of drought. Its adaptability makes it perfect for urban settings, especially areas with hard surfaces.

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