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Wet Soil: Medium

Dry Soil: High

Lime: Medium

Recognised for its abundant blossoms, the Malus ‘Evereste’ thrives in urban settings, injecting much needed colour and allure to city landscapes. Not only does it withstand urban pollutants, but it also showcases impressive disease resistance.

As spring unfolds the ‘Evereste’ unfurls its scarlet red buds, transitioning into softer pink hues before bursting into radiant white blossoms that drape the entire tree canopy. These flowers are a magnet for bees, ensuring pollination for nearby apple trees.

During summer, the tree sports glossy green foliage that gradually transforms to yellow as autumn approaches. Come autumn, the ‘Evereste’ produces an ample crop of fruits resembling small commercial apples. These fruits boast a delightful blend of reds and yellows, attracting both wildlife and culinary enthusiasts who transform them into sauces and desserts. Remaining on the tree well into winter, fruits are often harvested for fresh apple sauce.

With its conical shape, the ‘Evereste’ is an enchanting addition, especially when planted with early-flowering species in public areas. Pairing it with Magnolia kobus creates a captivating visual contrast; as the Kobus unveils its pink buds followed by pristine white blossoms, the ‘Evereste’ seamlessly takes over with its own vibrant floral display. This harmonious succession offers an ever changing and cohesive seasonal display, making it a perfect choice for communal areas within residential settings.



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6m high x 3m wide after 25 years


Ideal for confined spaces and next to walk and pathways.


Widely oval and conical in shape.


Glossy green foliage in summer that transitions to yellows in autumn.


Crimson red buds melt into shades of pink in April. These burst open into glorious white flowers which cover the entire canopy. One of the most profuse flowerings of the crab apples.


An abundance of coppery orange fruit blended with shades of fiery red cover the branches.


Adaptable to all well drained soils, including clay, loam and sand. Once established it is drought tolerant and will succeed in a range of pH levels. A hardy tree that likes full sun.


Fruits last long into the winter and are a favourite food source for birds and wildlife.

Available As:

Semi-Mature, Multi-stem

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