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Wet Soil: Low

Dry Soil: Medium

Lime: Medium

A wonderful hybrid resulting from the combination of Prunus subhirtella and Prunus yedoensis, this cultivar was initially identified by the English nursery, Waterer Sons and Crisp in the 1930’s. The trees canopy exhibits a slender and column like structure, extending further as it matures. It ultimately adopts a rounded vase form in the crown.

During the budding stage, the tree presents clusters resembling pink cotton candy along its branches. In spring, this buds unfurl into white flowers, delicately touched with subtle tones of pink. As they mature, the blossoms take on a silky white appearance, giving a fresh and stunning allure.

The leaves emerge with a bronze glimmer, transitioning through shades of red as they unfold. With the warming days of summer, they transform into a rich, dark green. As autumn approaches, the foliage undergoes a captivating transformation, showcasing vivid shades of pumpkin orange and fiery crimson reds.

This small tree readily embraces pruning, rendering it well-suited for planting along streets and in compact public open spaces. The watercolour hues in spring and the vibrant autumnal display can transform even the bleakest of concrete locations.

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6m high x 3m wide after 25 years


Great for urban planting such as carparks.


Starts off as oval shaped, becoming more vase shaped as it matures.


The leaves emerge a bronzed red, which develop dark healthy shades of green for the summer. Come autumn, they display beautiful shades of sticky orange and crimson reds.


Cotton candy pink buds open to a profusion of white flowers in spring. These are toned with washes of pink that water blot the petals, maturing to brighter whites.


Suitable for most soil types which are free draining, as does not tolerate water logging.

Available As:

Semi-Mature, Multi-stem

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