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Wet Soil: Low

Dry Soil: Medium

Lime: Medium

Prunus sargentii ‘Charles Sargent’ is a stunning flowering tree commonly known as Charles Sargent’s Cherry. It is a cultivar of the Prunus sargentii from tree manager, Edward H. Scanlon of Cleveland during the 1960s. Scanlon famously created ‘tailored trees’ for their use within urban street applications. This is a wonderful selection derived from the species. Its name remains in honour of Charles Sprague Sargent, who was the director of Arnold Arboretum until his passing.

One of the most striking features is its abundant and beautiful spring blossoms. In early spring, single flowers open, clustered in pairs and fours. Their large petals display wonderful shades of creamy pinks. Anthers hang from a purple-pink centre that contrast the petals silky nature. The blossom lasts longer than the parent species and stays on the tree for over three weeks.

The foliage of Charles Sargent’s cherry is equally appealing. Leaves are oval shaped and unfold a coppery red in the growing season. These transition to fresh emerald shades of green in summer, before displaying deep fiery shades of orange in autumn. Leaves will begin to evolve into their autumn display as early as September and will last long through to November.

With its picturesque blossoms and stunning foliage, Prunus sargentii ‘Charles Sargent’ is an excellent choice for large gardens, parks, and urban landscapes.

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6m high x 4m wide after 25 years


Ideal for residential areas and creating seasonal beauty on green verges with housing estates. Perfect as a street tree and avenue planting.


Grows a graceful, rounded fan shape to its canopy.


Bronze tipped leaves develop an emerald colour for summer. They are the first to begin their wonderful autumn display, usually in early September. Display shades pf deep amber oranges and ruby red crimsons.


The single, wonderfully pink flowers group together in pairs and in fours, covering the canopy with a light, airy cloud appearance. It has one of the most beautiful spring displays.


A tough tree that is suitable for most soil types that are free draining. Does not tolerate water logging.

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