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Wet Soil: Medium

Dry Soil: Low

Lime: Low

Liquidambar styraciflua ‘Slender Silhouette’ commonly known as slender silhouette sweet gum, was founded by Don Shadow of Shadow Nurseries, Tennessee. During the 1980s whilst walking by a lake, Shadow happened upon an incredibly narrow upright form of Liquidambar. He took cuttings for propagation and cultivated the Slender Silhouette for commercial supply. Oddly enough this chance encounter was perfectly timed, as when he returned weeks later, the mother tree had been cut down.

This reasonably tall tree is exceptionally narrow at only 2m width after 25 years. Its branches are closely angled from its trunk, ascending stiffly upwards. The leaves of this cultivar are characteristic of the species, star shaped with usually 5 deep lobes. In spring when leaves first open, they are a vivid healthy green colour, and when crushed, these release a resinous tannin which is pleasantly fragrant. As summer closes, the green leaf deepens and becomes the most beautiful display of crimson reds, marmalade orange and amber golds. This adds a splash of vibrant warmth to any landscape.

A stunning cultivar selected for its specific use in tightly crammed locations. Its precise form works well in formal avenue planting or utilising its unique shape to contrast urban infrastructure. Ideal for entrance ways and stylish business parks.

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9m high x 2m wide after 25 years


With its compact size and narrow form, this cultivar is an excellent choice for avenues, narrow and broad streets.


A distinct and narrow profile with branches growing close to the trunk. Has a compact silhouette with a strikingly upright and slender appearance. Crown is dark and dense.


Palmately lobed usually with 5 deep lobes. In spring these are a vivid green and when crushed they release a resinous tannin which is pleasantly fragrant. Green leaf deeps and becomes reds, oranges and golds in autumn.


Yellow/green inconspicuous flowers in spring.


Flowers turn to spiky round capsules that contain small seeds.


Low-maintenance tree that adapts well to various soil conditions, including moist and well-drained soils. Likes partial shade but full sun is important for developing autumn colour. Resistant to frost.

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