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Wet Soil: Low

Dry Soil: Medium

Lime: Medium

Arguably one of the most renowned flowering cherries originating from Japan. The ‘Kanzan’ cherry has adorned Japanese parklands and serene landscapes since the early 1600s. Its notable presence was often observed, providing splendid bursts of colour on chilly, isolated mountains, from which it derives its name ‘Kanzan’, signifying proximity to cold mountains. Introduced to the UK in the early 1900s, it has since become one of the most favoured choices of planting flowering cherries.

In spring, the trees deep, succulent red buds unfurl into a lavish display of double flowers, enveloping the entire canopy in dark shades of pink and purple. As spring unfolds, the bronze coppery leaves transition to a striking succulent red. These large, serrated leaves transform into a robust, vibrant green throughout the summer, eventually deepening into burnt marmalade tones for autumn.

While its vigorous roots make it unsuitable for paved areas where they can lift and create trip hazards, the ‘Kanzan’ thrives when planted in parks. Here, it can truly flourish, creating magnificent forms, making it a longstanding favourite. Well-suited for public open spaces, it introduces captivating contrasts of shape and colour within landscape designs.

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7m high x 5m wide after 25 years


Perfect for designer gardens, parks and public open spaces.


A slender vase shape whilst young that ascends. As it matures it reaches out creating a rounded, spreading canopy like a ruffled umbrella.


Emerges green with a bronze hue, becoming dark green as it matures. Transitions to a yellow orange in autumn.


Dark red buds open in March to a showy display of double flowers. These are a rich hot pink which envelope the branches and canopy throughout the spring.


Suitable for most soil types but requires free draining soil as does not tolerate water logging. It thrives in full sun locations with a vigorous root system.

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