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Wet Soil: High

Dry Soil: Medium

Lime: High

Ulmus ‘Rebona’ is a hybrid originating from a Japanese clone of Ulmus japonica and Ulmus pumila, sharing the same parentage as Ulmus ‘New Horizon’. It possesses identical qualities in terms of robustness and phenology. However, it distinguishes itself by having a more upright grown habit and a narrower form, giving it a tidier appearance. Additionally, it features darker and smaller leaves. Its columnar shape makes it an excellent choice for urban streets and parking areas.

This variety was developed by Professor Smalley and Professor Gueires, of Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, USA, and is completely resistant to Dutch Elm Disease. As a part of the Resista Elms, it is micro-chipped and exclusively grown in the UK by Hillier.


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12m high x 4m wide after 25 years


A perfect choice for car parks and inner-city locations. Also great for coastal areas.


Erect leader through to the top of the tree, upright and fastigiate in form. Egg shaped and compact.


Leaves are very similar to Ulmus New Horizon, but are darker and smaller.


Excellent resistance to wind, extreme temperatures, flooding, and salt exposure. Thrives in sunny locations and is a robust tree.

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